Flat 12 Bierwerks, an Indianapolis-based craft brewery which just began distribution to Louisville, announced it has signed a lease agreement and plans to open a taproom on the Jeffersonville, Ind., riverfront.

Flat 12 beer literally began pouring in Louisville just this week.

The soon-to-be Flat 12 in Jeffersonville
The soon-to-be Flat 12 in Jeffersonville

The address for the new taproom is 130 W. Riverside Drive, which is just west of Cluckers restaurant, across from the Jeffersonville Riverstage at the foot of Spring Street.

Kara Gentry, marketing and PR contact for Flat 12, said the tap room will be next to a Mediterranean restaurant called Olive Leaf Bistro, which shows the same 130 W. Riverside address online. The taproom would also be just blocks from another brewery, Red Yeti, that is slated to open soon on Spring Street.

Gentry said a target open date has not yet been set, and an announcement will come later

“We’re excited to embark upon this adventure,” said Sean O’Connor, Co-Founder/CEO of Flat 12, in a press release. “Customers come to our Indianapolis brewery taproom and appreciate the interaction with our brewers, the staff and one another. They enjoy the opportunity to try unique Flat 12 beers in a relaxed atmosphere where the focus is on a quality experience. We’re looking forward to bringing an element of that here to Jeffersonville.”

flat 12 taproom
Inside the Flat 12 taproom in Indianapolis

I visited Flat 12’s Indianapolis tap room this past weekend, and it is as inviting as O’Connor suggests. There is a tasting area adjacent to a gift counter and a cooler filled with six-packs and four-packs of Flat 12 bottles and cans near the main entrance.

There’s a larger tasting room with tables and a makeshift bar – plywood atop barrels – with natural brick walls and wood beams. The furniture consists of metal outdoor tables and chairs, and hanging lights help decorate the laid-back room.

Small samples (about an ounce) are free and come in small plastic cups, while pints also are poured into plastic cups.

The beers are all high quality and most are fairly aggressive, such as the ultra hoppy Half Cycle IPA and the ultra-smooth Nitro Pogue’s Run, a nitrogenated version of Flat 12’s Pogue’s Run that is balanced with dark grains and chocolate notes. The Upside Down Blonde is light but complex as a hybrid of pilsner and wheat beers. For lightweights, there are Clown Tears Extra Pale Ale and Baby New Year Mild Ale, both of which are lower-alcohol beers but with deceptive depth of character.

Flat 12, established in 2010, distributes in Indiana, central Illinois and east-central Tennessee, along with Louisville. The Jeffersonville tap room would be the first satellite location for the brewery.

“We like the location – it brings Flat 12 to Southern Indiana in a new and exciting way,” Co-Founder/Brewer Rob Caputo said in the release. “It also brings us closer to customers in Kentucky and Tennessee. We hope it will strengthen those relationships and that we will become part of the fabric of Jeffersonville and the entire riverfront community.”

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