Janet Jackson performed for more than two hours Friday at the KFC Yum! Center. | Photo by Micky Wheatley

When the curtain rose Friday night on Janet Jackson‘s “State of the World Tour,” the sizable crowd at the KFC Yum! Center stood in awe of the pop music legend.

At 51 — and after canceling the tour last year due to her pregnancy — Jackson looked like she hadn’t aged since 1995, and when she commandeered the stage with all those familiar Jackson moves, it was clear she really hasn’t aged since 1995. What’s her secret?

Proof that Jackson hasn’t aged since 1995 — she’s still wearing a jean jacket. | Photo by Sara Havens

Jackson sang most of her familiar hits of three decades and danced for more than two hours — and sprinkled in a few costume changes.

Opening with “State of the World” and closing with “Rhythm Nation,” Jackson did not disappoint her fans and performed a few medleys of her hits — going from “Nasty,” “Feedback” and “Miss You Much” to “Alright” and “You Want This” in one of them.

We were happy she included one of our favorites, “That’s the Way Love Goes,” as were many others in the audience who sang along to the 1993 hit.

During the show, many of Jackson’s music videos would play behind her on big screens. One touching moment came when she performed “Scream,” a duet with her late brother Michael Jackson, and looked up to the screen as if to channel his energy.

Jackson performed “Scream.” | Photo by Katie Gausepohl

“C’mon, Michael,” she shouted before beginning the song.

It was interesting to see such similarities between the two siblings, and more than a handful of times it felt like Jackson was morphing into Michael with her movements.

She addressed the audience several times between songs — making sure she pronounced “Louwavul” correctly — and thanked them for their support over the years.

The 56-city tour began Sept. 7, and Louisville was the 45th stop. The “State of the World Tour” comes to Lexington’s Rupp Arena on Monday, Dec. 4.

Sara Havens

Sara Havens

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