Mellow Mushroom in St. Matthews has closed. | Google photo

The last remaining Mellow Mushroom location in Louisville has closed. Owner Ryan Miller told Insider he officially closed the restaurant as of Sunday, April 28, and the property is on the market.

Miller, who is president of CKRG Enterprises LLC, purchased the restaurant last year and still owns the Lexington Mellow Mushroom. However, he said he is launching a Lexington-based chain nationally that will be called Painted Taco, which will have franchises from Chicago to Nashville to Orange Beach, Ala.

Given that he lives in Lexington, Miller said it is difficult to manage the Louisville store and will be more so considering his new venture.

“I really won’t have time to be doing what I really should be doing with it,” Miller said. “I don’t want it to decline and make a bad name for my other businesses.”

Miller didn’t reveal an asking price, but said he has already received several inquiries on the roughly 6,000-square-foot space: “There’s a lot of interest in it.”

The St. Matthews location of Mellow Mushroom, which is an Atlanta-based chain, was the first to open Louisville at 3922 Shelbyville Road. It opened in 2012 when franchisees Jason Nase and Damon Coates took over space that previously was Dutch’s Tavern and other businesses.

The Highlands location of Mellow Mushroom abruptly closed in January. A Middletown location closed in 2017.

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Kevin Gibson
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