The team behind 180 Degrees is Archie Borders, Mike Fitzer and Erin Roark. | Photo by James Moses

Local filmmaker Archie Borders, who co-owns the 180 Degrees production company located in Butchertown, returned home from France earlier this month after shooting his latest feature film, “Under the Eiffel Tower.”

What sets this project apart from his others — like indie films “Pleased to Meet Me,” “Paper Cut” and “Reception to Follow” — is it already has guaranteed distribution from The Orchard, a production and distribution company that is a subsidiary of Sony.

Borders directs Matt Walsh (standing) and Reid Scott (sitting) in Pomerol, France. | Courtesy of 180 Degrees

The Orchard acquired the global rights to the film this spring, which Borders tells Insider is a great partnership for an independent filmmaker because not only will the company handle getting it into theaters, but it helped cover the costs of making the film as well.

“The upside (of doing it on your own) is you have total control, but the downside is you have to do everything,” says Borders. “There’s no guarateed distribution — and that’s a huge part of it. Anytime you make a film independently, you’re always worried there won’t be interest. This takes away that worry.”

Borders wrote the film with David Henry, and it stars the Emmy-nominated Matt Walsh (“Veep”) and French actress Judith Godreche (“The Man in the Iron Mask”), who recently joined the growing list of actresses accusing Harvey Weinstein of inappropriate behavior.

The story centers around Walsh’s character, a bourbon salesman from Louisville who goes on a trip to France with his best friend’s family after he loses his job and faces turing the big 5-0. Perhaps out of desperation or drunkeness, he proposes to his friend’s 24-year-old daughter and is obviously turned down and kicked out.

Judith Godreche

This leads him on a wine-fueled trip of shame through France, where he befriends a Scottish soccer player (Reid Scott) and an independent French woman (Godreche). Think “Sideways” of the French countryside.

Borders says there are many references to Louisville and bourbon throughout the film, as Walsh’s character reps for Blanton’s Bourbon.

“Under the Eiffel Tower” is now in post-production and will be released sometime in 2018, says Borders.

In the meantime, he’s working on several other major film projects with 180 Degrees and business partners Mike Fitzer and Erin Roark. The company makes commercials, videos, documentaries and, of course, films.

Sara Havens
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