art by Jennie DiBeneditto
Pottery by Jennie DiBeneditto

The Louisville Potters, who also go by the name LOCALS (Living On Clay And Louisville Soil), are hosting their umpteenth annual Summer Pottery Sale on Saturday, July 6, featuring the work of more than a dozen of their members.

The group first formed in the early 1980s and has been living, breathing, teaching, making and hawking pottery ever since. Naturally, the group ebbs and flows with membership, but each year they band together and host two annual sales — one in the summer and one near Christmas.

Saturday’s show, which will be held on the grounds of the Masonic Homes, at 3701 Frankfort Ave., will feature hundreds of items all priced to sell.

Pottery by Lisa Kurtz
Pottery by Lisa Kurtz

Insider caught up with a few of the artists to get more details about the organization and Saturday’s sale.

Lisa Kurtz, who recently moved back to Louisville from Knoxville, has helped get the word out about this year’s event, and she says she’s excited to be participating.

“This is a great group of professional potters and clay artists to have in one show,” she says. “It is also a great representation of the variety of local and regional clay art. We all travel and do shows all over the country, so this is a great chance for the Louisville community to come check out our work in one place and buy some local clay art and pottery at great prices.”

Kurtz says she’ll have anywhere from 50 to 150 pieces in the show, including footed pasta bowls, pitchers, mugs, platters and tea sets.

Louisville Potters member Amy Elswick tells us she’ll also have about 100 pieces on Saturday, including some interesting framed mirror tile pieces that can add a lot of movement to a room, she adds. The group is a tight-knit gaggle of pottery fanatics, which makes it so much fun for her to be involved with.

In fact, she’s been a member since the late 1990s.

“So much of its beauty is that the group of artists are friends,” explains Elswick. “The other thing that is special about this sale is the quality of the work — our core group is quite talented, and each year we invite guests who we admire and who share our ability to survive as clay artists in an increasingly competitive world.”

Pottery by Amy Elswick
Pottery by Amy Elswick

Louisville Potters member Suzy Hatcher agrees.

“We are the only ceramic show in town with over 30 years and running,” says Hatcher, who will have about 100 pieces in the show as well. “We are full-time artists and teachers in our community sharing our love of clay.”

The Summer Sale will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, July 6, at the Masonic Homes, 3701 Frankfort Ave. Admission is free.

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