Lydiaemily will paint a mural on the Butchertown Market.
Lydiaemily will paint a mural on the Butchertown Market.

World-renowned mural artist Lydiaemily has set her sights on the Butchertown Market. Louisville is one of four cities the civil rights activist and street artist chose to share her vision of hope and survival for those living with multiple sclerosis, including herself, and she’ll be painting a large mural on the side of the Butchertown building later this month.

Working with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lydiaemily will paint similar murals — inspired by the mantra “Create a World Free of MS” — in Austin, Los Angeles and Portland.

The artist says she hopes to bring attention to the cause the only way she knows how — through her art.

“I chose Louisville as the flagship city because of the wonderful people I met from the chapter at the National MS Society Leadership Conference and because I love the idea of doing a mural for a smaller city who may not receive the same recognition and attention as others,” she says.

The local chapter of the MS Society is urging those battling MS to stop by while Lydiaemily paints on Saturday, May 30, from 11 a.m. to sundown. They are thrilled she chose Louisville as one of her cities.

“We are honored to have been selected as one of Lydiaemily’s stops on her upcoming tour,” says Stacy Funk, National MS Society Chapter president. “Her unique artwork will raise the profile of the Kentucky-Southeast Indiana Chapter and become a destination for those to view her amazing MS image.”

An example of Lydiaemily's mural work.
An example of Lydiaemily’s mural work.

Lydiaemily will begin work on the project on Friday, May 29. She’ll be painting the left side of the Butchertown Market, at 1201 Story Ave.

She tells Insider that while each mural will be different, they all will be painted in an art-nouveau style and feature the same message of hope. She’d like people to take away three things from the project:

“1) No matter what your ability is, no matter what you can contribute, you have a voice to speak up for the causes that are important to you. 2) Your voice is capable of bringing the community together. 3) I always say, art can do more than just hang — it can help.”

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