Cheyenne Marie Mize

By Michael Hannon Tierney

The weekend can’t come soon enough, can it?

School is back in session, and I am sure many young parents are desperately searching for a babysitter.

For those who do find a high school kid willing to watch your two-year-old for fifty bucks, and/or all those searching for fun, don’t worry, because there is one hell of a weekend right around the corner.

As there always is in Louisville … you just got to know how to find it.

  • Techno-Contra Dancing at Church of the Advent 901 Baxter Avenue on Friday, Aug. 31

Contra dancing … have you done it?

Neither have I.

But as a dance advocate and someone who continues to hear the rumors of wild country dancing happening in the Highlands, at some Church, without alcohol?

My curiosity has been bubbling for sometime, but could not find the time and the nerves to learn the swing-based dance on the fly….

Friday’s Techno-Contra Dance Event is just too intriguing to resist. My boots, suit and cowboy hat are already hanging up in preparation for this eye-opener.

What is Techno-Contra? Well, it is described simply as “High energy contra dancing to modern music with special lighting effects.” Many tell me they have enjoyed themselves dearly at previous contra events, and Friday’s event seems to be the weekend’s most intriguing event.

Still feeling uncomfortable with the thought of dancing with strangers? Take a look below and try to convince yourself this will be no fun.

All ages are encouraged to come as the event is aimed to provide fun across the age spectrum. The Louisville Country Dancers host the event and will have special guest DJ B-Ham spinning the “Techno” tracks.

What a strange combination, but what else can you expect here in Louisville?

I know I’m game… See you there.

The event starts at 8 p.m. for a mere $8 per person.

  • Brian Olive and Cheyenne Marie Mize at Zazoo’s on Friday, Aug. 31

Well, Cheyenne Marie Mize is on a little local tear after playing Forecastle and Z-bar: The singer-songwriter is heading to St. Matthews this weekend to play at Zazoo’s.

She should find good company with rock-n-roller Brian Olive.

As you may know Mize is one of the premier acts in Louisville both for her soul-touching songs, but also for being down right beautiful. She is the complete package as she is uplifting, dark, and sensual … three ingredients that help Mize stand out amongst her musical peers.

Brian Olive is coming back to Zazoo’s, and he (like many touring acts) seems to have found a home at the St. Matthews bar, most likely because he fulfills the blues’ desires of the New Vintage Showcase. Olive possesses a sound that has been making a comeback over the past few years, blues-rock. Brian brings a little bit more soul to the genre than most, elevating him above the many who have fallen trap to imitating the Black Keys.

Mize headlines the night after Olive’s set, so she should inherit an already rocking crowd. It will be interesting and entertaining to watch the two acts dual Friday, so don’t miss out if you are a sucker for good vocals and good looking musicians.

The bill also features Graffiti; a band made up of former notable Louisville bands, Cabin and the Broken Spurs.

It should be a fun night at the ‘Zoo on Friday.

Show starts about 9 p.m.

Zazoo’s is at 102 Bauer Ave. in St. Matthews.

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