Showing his Wares: Not a lot of happy in last week’s roundup, so I’m relieved to start this week with a little bit of feel good. But let’s take you back:

March 31st. Indianapolis, Indiana. The University of Louisville Cardinals are playing the Duke Blue Devils in the Elite Eight Round of the March Madness Tournament. 6:33 left to play in the first half. Kevin Ware, my long lost cousin, leaps to block a shot from a loathed Blue Devil and upon landing, suffered what’s described as one of the most horrific sports injuries of all time.

So it’s great news when the one who suffered one of the most horrific sports injuries of all time is not only walking around, but has his eyes on being ready for the season opener in October. USA Today, Bleacher Report, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and Sporting News all report that Ware is out on the practice court dribbling and taking shots. A few headlines say he’s taking jumpers, though Ware himself is quoted in the USA Today article saying “not a lot of jumping.” But, you know.

Incidentally, Ware says people continue to send him links, photos, and videos of his injury. You stay classy, planet Earth.

And I am Telling You I’m not Going: That’s right. Dreamgirls. But lest you rush to judge me, know that before sitting down to write this, I wrestled a bear with my bare hands and have eaten nothing but meat and cheese for a week. Just like Papa Hemingway.

I was going somewhere with that.

Yes. Julie Hermann arrived at Rutgers on Wednesday to meet with coaches and school officials and took a minute with the media. The AP, USA Today, CBS News report that Hermann and Rutgers appear undeterred by the recent controversy surrounding her hire (Insider Louisville coverage here), and she is ready to start work on June 17 despite some calling for Hermann to step down or the school to let her go. Hermann says she is ready for the challenges ahead and is uniquely qualified to lead the Rutgers athletic department.

ESPN was not exactly charitable in its estimation of the Rutgers decision to stick by Hermann. columnist Steve Politi says that Hermann has a lot of work to do to win back the trust of the community, which, you know, I guess I see where he’s going , but she hasn’t even started the job yet—how much trust did they have invested for her to regain?

High/Low: Financial website CreditDonkey put together a study to find the best U.S. cities for recent college grads, and if we’re talking about it, you know we made the list. Louisville sits at number 5; the number one city is just 100 miles up I-65: Indianapolis, Indiana.

But then there are a couple of other lists on which we don’t fare quite as well. The Trust for Public Land released its 2013 ParkScore Index, which rates the park systems in the 50 largest U.S. cities. Minneapolis is number one on the list. And we are kind of 49 out of 50. Thank goodness for Fresno. Indianapolis didn’t place much better than we did, at 47.

Meanwhile, USA Today and Reuters cover the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual American Fitness Index, ranking the 50 healthiest cities, and once again, Minneapolis at the top and Louisville is a little further down the list at 47 out of 50. Indianapolis is at 45, if you’re curious.

Both articles note the correlation you’ve picked up on: access to parks and recreation helps lead to a healthier population and a healthier population is more apt to take advantage of parks and recreation.

But the good news is that we are addressing both, and as noted in the USA Today article, these things take time to catch up. If you’re curious what Louisville’s doing or want to get involved, the City of Parks and Healthy Hometown pages offer a good start.

Rand About: You know, Rand Paul is quickly becoming like my second Jennifer Lawrence in that he is someone’s headline every week. The difference being– and I think this is important– that Lawrence gets a lot of attention just sort of by being her and Dr. Paul just keeps saying stuff. And the more he looks like he’s going to run in 2016, the more he says.

On Wednesday, President Obama appointed Susan Rice as national security advisor, and that did not sit well with the Senator, according to The Hill; Salon thinks all the ado from the Senator is making him look the worse, and has already awarded Rice the first point.

That’s not really a surprise but this one sort of is: The Huffington Post and Politico have video of a recent interview the Senator did with Sean Hannity in which he says, like most conservatives, that he really wanted to like President Obama, but just can’t. He cites what he calls a “constellation of scandals” that have come to light in recent weeks as the source of his scorn.

The National Review has a profile up called “Rand Paul, the Crunchy Con,” in which they discuss his libertarian love for nature.

Quick Hits:

  • When “The Great Gatsby” opened a few weeks ago, travel writers highlighted the film’s (and of course, the novel’s) connection to the Seelbach. Now The Chicago Tribune weighs in with its own profile of the Louisville hotel.

  • Louisville is going to be the test market for Bud Light’s new 12 oz. vented can with a new special tab thing on the lid, says

The Producer: The big news on the Jennifer Lawrence beat this week strangely has to do with why she’s famous to begin with. The Louisvillian’s next project will be producing and acting in the adaptation of Claire Bidwell Smith’s “The Rules of Inheritance” according to Deadline Hollywood, Empire, and The Hollywood Reporter. The story follows a woman who loses both parents to cancer at a young age. Susanne Bier, who worked with Lawrence on the upcoming “Serena,” will direct.

And that’s it. That’s all people are talking about this week. Really.


OK. Are they/aren’t they business is out there too, as she and X:Men: Days of Future Past co-star and former boyfriend Nicholas Hoult have been spotted together around town in Montreal during filming, reported by: E!, The Huffington Post, Entertainmentwise, and NY Daily News.

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