Thieves Like Us

By Michael Paul Brown

There will be amorphous disco balls hanging from the ceiling and women kissing cats deep with tongue to the music of the Sex Pistols coming from the base of a golden, jewel encrusted dog coming tonight to the Land of Tomorrow Gallery.

The new show “Expanded Music Project” begins with a reception this evening at 7:30, at 233 W. Broadway downtown, and runs through January 3.

The show explores the interrelationship that often exists between art and music, showcasing works that incorporate musical themes alongside direct collaborations between musicians and artists. The folks on display are a compelling crowd, spanning established locals to artists emerging on the national and international scenes. The reception is free and open to the public, so come on down for loud music and good art.

Here is the full list of artists and performers: Heather Cantrell, Aurora Childs, Saiman Chow, EMA, HIRSUTA design firm, Jacob Heustis, Geneva Jacuzzi, Leslie Lyons, Peaking Lights, Raurouw, Andrea Stanislav, Thieves Like Us, and Letitia Quesenberry.

More information can be found at the gallery’s website,

Here’s more from the original Insider Louisville post in October:

Salman Chow

The premise of “Expanded Music Project” is to highlight the fluidity between creative forms and artistic practices.

The influence of album art, video production, stage design, graffiti and the appropriation tactics of remixing have established an ongoing conversation between artists and musicians. This dialogue between visual artist and musician continues to play a major role, and creative forces as diverse as Elvis, The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, and Afrikaa Bambaata have delved into the realms of the visual and the auditory to produce work that both fields accept and champion.

Heather Cantrell’s ongoing “Study in Portraiture,” previously shown in New York, Los Angles, and London, will be presented as a city-specific “Act” focusing on the distinct musical identity of Louisville.

Andrea Stanislav will include four works including “Diamond Dog” and “Alex deLarge.” Both pieces incorporate references to the Sex Pistols, using disjointed sound to recontextualize dystopic phrases and address the failures of utopian ideals while exploring reflection as a tool to draw the viewer into the work. The reflection allows the viewer to explore their own position in history and culture and points out the futility of utopian desires.

Dub-pop duo Peaking Lights and artist Letitia Quesenberry will collaborate on “Sound Garden.” Using record players, CD players, cassette machines and tape machines they will create a sonic replication of a Japanese rock garden.

Musician EMA and artist Jacob Huestis will team up to construct an interactive recording booth that will give gallery goers a chance to record their own “demo.” The piece directly focuses on the importance of “vibe” and the “demo” as a sketch for a more definitive recording that becomes an album or a single. This allows the audience members, both music insiders and casual listeners, to place themselves in the midst of the song production process.

Aurora Childs’s work uses the writings of Carl Jung to explore memories and the life that they tend to take on, illustrating that memories become fragmented, like dreams, as time creates distance. She uses quiet animals and an imaginary color scheme to explore the haunting nature of memory and the subconscious.

Investigating the effects of an artist’s return to her childhood home, Leslie Lyons will show a constellation of photographs inspired by the David Bowie song “Who Can I Be Now?”

The HIRSUTA design firm will present a re-examination of the form and context of the Disco Ball in “Variations on the Disco Ball or, the Bee Gees Have Left the Building.”

Admission is free to the show and to the opening reception.

About LOT: Land of Tomorrow has gallery/work spaces in both Lexington and Louisville. The Louisville complex is at 233 E. Broadway, just east of the Brown Hotel and Brown Theater downtown. The group’s mission is to support artists in the production of their multidimensional works. This is achieved through collaborative channels with artists working in the areas of photography, video, sculpture, architecture and design. LOT is a project space created to facilitate the making and showing of experimental work in the fields of art, design, and music in Kentucky. Through exhibitions, performances, artist talks, work documentation and other activities, LOT fosters an open dialogue with the regional and international creative communities.