Ali on Wheaties | Photo on box by Neil Leifer

Gallery owner Paul Paletti has been collecting famous photos for more than 25 years — partly a hobby, mostly a passion. And every now and then, he displays them in his gallery for Louisvillians to enjoy.

Starting Tuesday, Jan. 17, the Paul Paletti Gallery hosts “Recent Acquisitions and Other Treasures” that shows off a wide array of photographic styles and an even wider swath of famous people and photographers. An artist and photographer himself, Paletti picked the opening day of the show for a reason — it’s the birth date of the late Muhammad Ali, who is featured several times in the exhibit.

Ali training under water. | Photo by Flip Schulke

Included of the Champ is Flip Schulke’s famous underwater training shot and Neil Leifer’s photo of Ali, which was used on the Wheaties box in 1999.

Other celebs featured among the photos are Frank Sinatra at JFK’s inauguration party in 1961, and Marilyn Monroe filming her last movie, “Something’s Gotta Give,” in 1962.

And among the many photographers in the exhibit are E.J. Bellocq, Howard Bond, Richard Bram, Linda Butler, Lois Connor, William Clift, Judy Dater, Jay Dussard, Alfred Eisenstadt, David Alan Harvey, Michael Kenna, Lynn Leonard and Aaron Siskind.

“Recent Acquisitions” opens Tuesday, Jan. 17, from 6-8 p.m. with a special reception celebrating Ali’s 75th birthday. The exhibit continues through March 31. Paul Paletti Gallery is located at 713 E. Market St.

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Sara Havens
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