Type SLEIGHRIDEKY in your Lyft app for two free $10 rides. | Courtesy of Safe Ride KY

Some gifts can’t be wrapped in a tiny box with a pretty bow on top, but a simple gesture like paying for someone’s ride home after a party can be much more impactful — it can save lives.

For the seventh time now, Safe Ride KY is offering Kentuckians two free $10 Lyft rides through the holidays, from Dec. 21 through Jan. 1.

The campaign has given $20,000 for the cause, and all you have to do is open your Lyft app and type in SLEIGHRIDEKY in the Promos tab — while supplies last.

Safe Ride KY is a coalition of public, private and nonprofit companies with ties to the liquor industry, including the Kentucky Distillers’ Association, Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of Kentucky, Independent Stave Co. and Buzick Construction.

Since its inception just a year ago, it has helped more than 5,400 potentially impaired drivers get a safe ride home. Safe Ride also recently won a prestigious Traverse Award from the Kentucky Travel Industry Association.

Sara Havens

Sara Havens

Sara Havens is the Culture Editor at Insider Louisville. She's known around town as the Bar Belle and updates her blog (barbelleblog.com) daily. She's a former editor of LEO Weekly and has written for Playboy and The Alcohol Professor. Havens is the author of two books: "The Bar Belle" and "The Bar Belle Vol. 2."