“Beauty Mark” was filmed in Portland. | Courtesy of “Beauty Mark”

In the film world, the annual Los Angels Film Festival (LAFF) is kinda a big deal. So for two Louisville-filmed projects to be selected for the annual event, which attracts more than 36,000 people, it’s a huge feat. Both “Beauty Mark” and “And Then I Go” were filmed in 2016 in Louisville and will make their world premieres during LAFF, which runs June 14-22.

Louisville native Gill Holland, who has a producer credit on “Beauty Mark,” says he’s thrilled to be included in the mix, and he’s equally excited to show off more of Louisville to the world.

“LAFF is very prestigious and in the heart of the world’s film capital, so to have two local productions in competition is a big deal,” he tells Insider. “I’m super excited to bring the historic Portland neighborhood (we shot the whole of ‘Beauty Mark’ there) to Hollywood.”

The film is about a poverty-stricken young mother who must get money to help support her family by asking the one person she knows who has some: the man who abused her as a child.

Written and directed by Harris Doran, it stars Lexington native Laura Bell Bundy (“Jumanji,” Dreamgirls”), Jeff Kober, Madison Iseman and Catherine Curtain (“Orange is the New Black”), among others.

Also worth noting, the soundtrack to “Beauty Mark” is being scored by local cellist Ben Sollee and will include songs from Louisville bands/musicians Jaxon Lee Swain, Beady, Broken Spurs, The Debauchees, Jonathan Glen Wood, Kyle James Hauser, Nerves Junior and The Pass. (We’ll have more on the soundtrack when it’s released in the next couple of weeks.)

Louisville filmmaker Kiley Lane Parker also has a producer credit on “Beauty Mark,” and she is equally as excited as Holland to get more attention for the film and her city. She’s been working in the film and television industry for most of her life, but this is the first feature film she’s helped produce.

Kiley Lane Parker

“With any film, you never know what’s going to happen, but ‘Beauty Mark’ is special due to the extraordinary talents of our entire cast and crew,” she tells Insider. “I know some of the other post-production producers have been working hard on distribution, so the more attention we receive now, the better it is for the film and the chance that it has a long and vigorous life after LAFF.”

Both Parker and Holland will be attending LAFF, and their film is slated to screen on Friday, June 16.

“And Then I Go,” the other Louisville-filmed movie screening at LAFF, was directed by Vincent Grashaw and stars Arman Darbo, Sawyer Barth (“Super Dark Times,” “Bridge of Spies”), Melanie Lynskey (“Togetherness,” “Heavenly Creatures,”), Justin Long (“Live Free or Die Hard,” “Drag Me to Hell,” “Dodgeball”), Tony Hale (“Veep,” “Arrested Development”) and many others.

Justin Long stars in “And Then I Go.”

It’s about two bullied teenagers who decide to seek revenge, and it’s based on the acclaimed novel “Project X” by Jim Shepard.

Insider reached out to “And Then I Go” producer Rebecca Green for comment and is awaiting a response.

This story will be updated.

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