The cast of “Va Va Vamp” | Photo by Joe Mays

The tantalizing, sexy, bendy and provocative Va Va Vixens are back, just in time for Halloween season. The burlesque dance and entertainment troupe will present “Va Va Vamp” during the next two weekends, returning to the Art Sanctuary stage.

The Vixens, who number around 20, mix classic striptease, circus stunts, comedy and burlesque to present themed shows several times a year.

They previously performed on the Headliners stage, but now that their Art Sanctuary home base has been renovated and improved, they’re eager to show off the new lights, sound system and, of course, full bar to all their regulars and newbies.

Vixens manager and producer Lisa Frye tells Insider you can expect more monsters and stunning costumes than you can shake a red balloon at.

“We have vampires, including the Queen of the Undead herself, an amazing werewolf, a crazy clown, an awesome witch, a zombie, a giant funhouse mirror, a clan of masqueraders, creepy weirdos on a teeter totter, and even a magical Easter Bunny,” she says. “‘Va Va Vamp’ will take you on a journey like no other.”

The troupe has been preparing for the show since June, so expect tight numbers and incredible stunts.

Expect many monsters in “Va Va Vamp.” | Photo by Joe Mays

“Va Va Vamp” takes place at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 20-21 and 27-28, at Art Sanctuary, 1433 S. Shelby St. Tickets are $25 for general admission, or $35 for VIP.

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