Who wields the most influence in Louisville?

Louisvilles Top 100 Cover

If you were asked to list the people with the most influence in Louisville, who would make your list?

Obviously, it probably would depend on how you defined “most influential” and then you could progress, or more likely, regress from there. It is a fun exercise, so we’ll just wait a few minutes while you make a short list of your top 10 influencers.

OK, time’s up! Does your list have those who try to nurture the vox populi? Are they the leaders of business here? How did you measure their impact on the community?

Perhaps you haven’t experienced the possibilities for comparison that are inherent in our new, moderated, database product, Insider 502! If you have, you could have put together your list quickly using the criteria that we used in putting together our “Louisville’s Top 100 Influential Leaders” report.

This report is the first Insider 502 insight report and it was assembled by using Insider 502’s database-driven influencer model that considers if the subject is an elected official or executive; how many corporate or community boards upon which the subject serves; are they active in charities, professional, and/or civic organizations; have a significant social media following; or, ever founded a company.

Have some fun! Check out Insider 502’s “Louisville’s Top 100 Influential Leaders” report!