Recruiting and retaining Louisville Millennials

Approximately 80 million Millennials (aka Generation Y) were born between 1980 and 2000, and in 2015, they become the largest single generation in the workplace. By 2020, they will be the majority of the workforce, larger than the Boomers and GenXers combined.

Due to many factors, the Millennials’ expectations within the workplace are quite different than previous generations and while this may cause frustration for seasoned professionals as the generational gap widens, Millennials’ perspectives and needs cannot be ignored if businesses want to successfully recruit, manage, and retain this talent.

Consultants, think tanks, marketers, politicians, and others are researching Millennials from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. Why not Portland, Kentucky? We can identify emerging trends and understand these young professionals at a national scale, but we need to dig deeper to know what Louisville’s Generation Y cares about. What are their thoughts on our Portland? What do they look for when deciding on a home or career? Why do they love or leave Louisville? It’s critical to our economic and cultural vitality that we understand Generation Y.

Crescendo Strategies and Insider Louisville surveyed more than 600 Louisville residents (Millennials and non-Millennials) to identify trends about Millennial career development, understand where and why Millennials live in Louisville, and determine gaps between the perception and reality of Millennials. More importantly, we want to use this as a starting point toward a much deeper and complex conversation regarding talent attraction and development for Louisville.

Download our complete report containing the findings from this informative research.