For over 90 years, Pella Corporation — named for the place it calls home, Pella, Iowa — has been “Viewed to be the Best” when it comes to custom windows and doors for the home. Amid changing market demographics, Pella sought to go “beyond what meets the eye” of its customers with its new slogan, “Perfectly Beautiful.”

“I’ve been with Pella since 1995,” said Fred Cernetisch, general manager of Pella Corporation’s branches in Greater Cincinnati and Central Kentucky. “For all the time Pella’s branch ownership has been in the Louisville market, we’ve been operating under the ‘Viewed to be the Best’ tagline. The tagline was strong, it was from a customer’s point of view, and it satisfied the marketing needs and trends of the time.”

But Pella sought something that would better reflect its brand identity in the marketplace. According to Cernetisch, the Great Recession hammered the construction industry, knocking down companies left and right. As one of those left standing, Pella wanted to let the public know who it truly was, aside from being the best.

“We really are an excellent manufacturer of window and door products. We take care of our customers, and our customers’ perception of Pella is very important to us. What we don’t tout enough is how we go beyond the expectations from a manufacturing standpoint.”

The result? The June 2017 launch of its new slogan “Perfectly Beautiful,” which Cernetisch says is Pella’s way of better stating the sort of company it is: one that goes “beyond what meets the eye” in meeting engineering requirements of its doors and windows, and takes care of its customers via its New Lifetime warranty and customer care programs.

Architectural style

While windows themselves have become more than just something to be thought of in terms of energy efficiency and durability – they are an extremely important part of architectural style – Pella has grown its scope as well.

“[Pella is] more than just a window and door supplier,” said Cernetisch. “We’re here to consult and show you what can be done. It’s really about ‘What do you want your building to be, your house to be, your room to be like, your vision of the outside world or what people see from the street. What do you want it to look like?’ We can do that. You’re not just limited to a catalog, to what some salesperson is carrying in a case, or what you see in a showroom… we’re more than those physical elements of the traditional sales model. The questions we ask are ‘What do you want to see? How do you want to feel?’”

Customers first

And what better way to show how “perfectly beautiful” Pella has always been than with an open house? On Saturday, August 12, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Pella’s Louisville showroom at 11450 Bluegrass Parkway off Blankenbaker and I-64 will have a family friendly open house to show off its latest and greatest in windows and doors. There will be a live radio remote by a local station, along with children’s activities, as well as exposure to both staff and the showroom’s new and replacement products — which are for new and old constructions alike. Pella will also have free refreshments at the open house.

“Our first event [under the new slogan] will be an open house at our showroom in Louisville. It will be a family-friendly event, open to the public, to just show off some of the new features and benefits of some of the new products that Pella has brought to market this year, along with a lot of our heritage products that we’ve always had.”

Outside of the open house, Pella Louisville will also make appearances at a few key local events, such as Jeffersontown’s Gaslight Festival in mid-September 2017. Cernetisch says this is so Pella can raise its public profile by being where the public is, giving people access to information about its company and products in so doing.

For more information about how to make your home “perfectly beautiful” or to schedule an appointment, contact Pella at 502-287-0569, or visit online at

In the small Dutch Community of Pella, Iowa in 1925, Pete and Lucille Kuyper invested in a newfangled invention – a window screen that rolled up and down like a shade. The couple went on to found a company based on the principles of traditional American values, integrity and the desire to enrich the homes and lives of others.Today, Pella Corporation is still owned by the Kuyper family, and continues to be a leader in technology and product innovation. In fact, we've been awarded more than 150 product and design patents. And the team at Pella is as committed as ever to continuing the company's proud heritage of building innovative windows and doors.


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