Mary Ann Rausch, receptionist Nancy McCormick, and Anita Steilberg share a combined 72 years of service with Goldberg Simpson.

Legal powerhouse Goldberg Simpson in Prospect has been thriving since 1981. The firm was started by Fred Goldberg, and his legacy lives on in the way employees work together as a team with strict attention to detail. “I believe that’s part of the reason we all work so well together as a team” said Anita Steilberg, legal administrator with the firm for 33 years. “It’s the way we were taught.”

Fred Goldberg’s son, Jonathan D. Goldberg, became the managing partner in the early ‘90s, and has carried on many of the traditions that Fred Goldberg began, including ensuring the best possible service for the firm’s clients.

Currently, there are 27 lawyers working with the firm in practices ranging from insurance defense and complex commercial litigation to estate planning and labor law. In 2018, Goldberg Simpson’s family law practice was ranked the largest in Kentucky by Business First. Their attorneys’ work is precise, passionate, and dedicated, and behind them, there’s a team just as dedicated to excellence, that keep the wheels moving smoothly across all practices.

The service center is a hub of activity on a normal work day. A legal courier is prepared to run errands as needed. Volumes of files need to be scanned and copied, sorted and distributed, and old files need to be destroyed. “It’s organized chaos,” said Mary Ann Rausch, who manages the service center, and has been with the firm for over 14 years. “Each day is different in spite of the fact that there are some things that happen every day. That’s what I like about my job. There’s just so much variety. You really don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

For the thousands of copies the firm needs each month, Goldberg Simpson uses four Ricoh machines (Ricoh MP6002, MP7503, and MP C4000) from Duplicator Sales and Service. This locally owned, multigenerational family company is on the ball when it comes to service, and that makes a huge difference in a law firm as busy as Goldberg Simpson.

“When the copiers go down in the service center, it’s a crisis,” Rausch said. “You’ve got lines of people who can’t function, who can’t do their work, so we can’t afford to wait for days. Sometimes we can’t even afford to wait for hours, and Duplicator Sales always sends someone out as quickly as possible.”

Mary Anne Rausch works in the service center.

The technician they deal with most is Robin Hatfield. “He’s almost like a friend,” said Rausch. “He just takes excellent care of us. He’s right on it, and if we need a part, he does whatever is necessary to get the part quickly, to get us up and running.”

The parallels between the two local companies run deep. Both started with one man who made it his mission to make clients happy. Duplicator Sales and Service’s founder, Harry M. Nash, started a company built around customer needs. The business, which has been operational for nearly 60 years, puts care at the center of everything they do. They’ve been steadily growing throughout massive changes in technology because of the way they listen and respond to the needs of their customers.

Employees for both local companies tend to stick around for decades. Each company makes respect for people, both among their own teams and for the people they serve, central to what they do. Both have grown and continue to grow, and both see their clients return again and again because they know they can depend on a local business who puts their needs first.

“It’s a wonderful place to work,” said Rausch, “and I never, ever dread going to work in the morning.”

“On Sundays, I look forward to coming to work on Mondays. I look forward to the challenges and intellectual stimulation,” said Steilberg.

Engaged, satisfied employees mean long tenures and service with expertise and finesse. When you’re doing your best for your team and your clients, you can take pride in your work. That’s what makes these two local businesses the successes that they are, and their clients can tell the difference.

Duplicator Sales & Service, Inc.

Duplicator Sales & Service, Inc.

    We are an office technology, equipment, and print communication business, servicing companies and organizations in the Kentuckiana marketplace involved in the processing, creation, distribution, storage, and retrieval of information. We provide cutting edge technology, equipment, services, and supplies delivered by professionals and dedicated workforce. Our goal is to meet or exceed customer expectations by helping customers be more effective and efficient in print communications and improve workflow. We are proud to be locally and family owned since 1959.


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