Amrita Pettus, Manager of Data Content at Genscape

Seventeen years ago, Amrita Pettus graduated from Purdue University with a double major– Actuary Science and Statistics. She knew she loved working with statistics but wasn’t quite sure how she wanted to make it a career. Then fate stepped in.

At the time Genscape, a small, ground-breaking data analytics company in Louisville, was looking to grow its team. They needed analysts to support their mission to provide intelligent data insights to global energy markets. “The lead analyst at Genscape was a Purdue alum and suggested the team look at the university’s career website for possible candidates,” said Pettus. I interviewed for a position as analyst and got the job.”

It was her very first job out of college and now, seventeen years later, she is the Manager of Data Content.

Pettus says the data analytics field was relatively new at the time, and Genscape was pioneering a lot of the groundbreaking technology around it. Over time, she shaped her ownrole as Genscape shaped the industry. “The analytics part of my background transferred easily here, but I had a lot to learn about power markets and trading.”

She added because Genscape is in such a niche market, they don’t expect a prospective employee to come in with specific experience. “Our work here is so niche, we look more for people who are willing to learn and adapt.”

While the tech field was dominated by men at first, Pettus says she sees a marked increase in the number of women pursuing STEM fields in school and entering the career field. Genscape proves her point. thirt-three percent of Genscape’s workforce are women, three of whom serve in a C-level position.

One of the hottest companies in one of the hottest fields

Data has been called the “new oil” or the “new currency.” Track records show that companies with access to good data analytics are better positioned to benefit economically.

Genscape knew the value of “big data” when the term was first being tossed around. The company started in 1999 when two power traders grew frustrated with the lack of real-time, fundamental and alternative energy data, and wanted to change the game. They set about inventing new technologies in order to expand data access to more market participants.

With the first single electro-magnetic field (EMF) monitor capable of measuring current flow on power lines, Genscape changed the way the world sees and reacts to energy markets. After making their mark, Genscape engineers delved into the Internet of Things and machine learning, rolling out even more innovations in oil, vessel tracking, natural gas, and power. Now, with a team of over 80 data scientists, researchers, and developers, they developed an arsenal of patented monitors, sensors, and other connected devices to transform data into market intelligence.

What it takes to work at Genscape

Annie Edwards, Chief People Officer

Annie Edwards, Chief People Officer, says Genscape never stops innovating and is always looking for the right talent to keep that momentum going.

When asked how they find seasoned pros in the relatively new discipline of data analytics, Edwards said, “While data experience is important for some roles, it’s not always about an intense background in data. We look for people who are curious, resourceful, who can multi-task and act quickly and decisively while dealing with a real-time product.”

Edwards says Genscape seeks curious minds who can find interesting patterns in large amounts of data, train machine learning models to spot those patterns, and then give clients information they can act on.

As part of the Daily Mail and Global Trust’s portfolio of B2B Information Insights companies, Genscape touts impressive, diverse stats:

  • The Genscape family speaks 29 different languages
  • 33 percent of their workforce has two or more degrees
  • The majority of the degrees are STEM-related or in advanced financial fields
  • 21 percent of the team started their first professional job with Genscape
  • Their population calls 16 different countries home
  • 33 percent of the workforce is women, three of which serve in a C-level position
  • Over half of the DMGT B2B portfolio has a female CEO
  • The B2B portfolio has over 6,000 global employees, many of whom are located in Louisville
  • The portfolio serves high-tech industries such as property tech, education tech, insurance/risk modeling, energy data, financial tech, and events/exhibitions and draws talent from high-demand skill pools including big data, data scientists, analysts, enterprise sales, data modeling, and software development
  • In the last two years, there were 25 internal moves across 7 B2B companies and the DMGT parent company

In Louisville, Genscape occupies all five floors of a refurbished, redesigned former milk warehouse. milk warehouse. The workplace boasts a lunchroom/café, whichseats 100 people, a commercial kitchen ready to whip up a quick lunch or cook a gourmet meal, a gym, several work areas, and  a mezzanine where employees can go to relax or play a game of ping pong.

If terms like data visualization, augmented reality, and machine learning make your heart beat just a little faster, working for a company like Genscape is like a dream come true.

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Genscape is the leading global provider of real-time data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets, driven to improve market transparency and efficiency. With thousands of patented monitors strategically deployed worldwide, Genscape is unique in its ability to collect and report proprietary market fundamentals in real-time or near real-time. Genscape delivers innovative solutions across a number of asset classes including: Oil, Power, Natural Gas and LNG, Agriculture, Petrochemical and NGLs, Maritime, and Renewables. Genscape clients often gain a competitive advantage, improve risk management, or increase operational efficiency.