Owner of Linkhorn Inspections, Jerry Linkhorn was an early adopter of Roof Maxx™, an exciting new roofing product that can extend the life of a roof by up to 15 years.

“I’ve known Mike (Feazel) for a long time, but he came to me and told me about this product and I actually had them use it on my house,” Linkhorn said. “My house is 8 years old and I was starting to lose my granulars from the roof. Mike came out with this product, and I think he did four houses in my neighborhood. It works even for newer roofs. They were able to come out and spray my roof and it prevented them from drying out.”

Roof Maxx is a sustainable, soy-based and spray-on roofing application for asphalt shingles. Roof Maxx is applied to a roof that is aging and showing signs of fading, staining and granulation loss. As an asphalt shingle ages, it loses the essential oils that help keep it flexible and its granules intact. When those oils begin to disappear, the shingles experience color loss,  lose granules and begin to lose flexibility. Roof Maxx was created by brothers Michael and Todd Feazel who were seeking a way to preserve and extend the life of aging asphalt shingles.

The brothers had the product meticulously researched and tested by Ohio State University/Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center which is part of the Ohio State University’s Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

For Linkhorn, this product was not only perfect for his own home, it also marked a revolutionary change for his business as a home inspector.

“We do over 3,300 inspections a year. We have ten full-time inspectors,” says Linkhorn. “We do home inspections on commercial and mostly residential houses in Columbus, Ohio. We let our clients know what’s wrong with the house before they buy it. From the exterior, siding, windows, and the roof. We also do the whole interior — plumbing, electrical and the heating and cooling system.”

When inspecting a home and looking for potentially costly repairs, the roof is one of the more expensive ones that a seller or buyer may need to deal with.

“With the roof, we inspect the roof age and condition,” says Linkhorn. “Most of the problems we see are flashing issues, where there are leaks and then the aging of the roof. When roofs age they start to crack and start losing their granulation.”

But that isn’t all Linkhorn finds.

“We see a lot of staining as well, which is algae. What’s happening is the roof is drying out prematurely. When it dries out, it loses the granules and starts to stain. That’s when we come in and we recommend the Roof Maxx product.”

Roof Maxx professionals come to the site and apply the product in a process that is fast and effective but one that also protects the environment and the health of the homeowners and their pets.

“With Roof Maxx, we can tell the sellers or the buyers that there’s this new product that’s almost like putting RainX® on the roof,” said Linkhorn. “The professionals spray the Roof Maxx on the roof and it soaks in, keeping the granules in place and adds another five years to your roof. It’s about a quarter of the cost of replacement.”

For a seller with limited capital to invest in the sale of a home or a buyer with many other moving expenses and plans, the ability to save money on a new roof is an easy decision.

“When a buyer moves into a house, they have tons of other expenses. The last thing they want to do is put money into a roof,” says Linkhorn. “They can go in and use this Roof Maxx product first.”

Roof Maxx can offer roof reconditioning at a fraction of the cost and is generally applied in less than an hour. Roof Maxx has allowed Linkhorn to offer his clients a beneficial product that is easy on the environment and their wallets. His clients have had no problem accepting his recommendations.

“When we go to a house, we can tell them, ‘Here is a product for your roof,’ ‘here is the heating and cooling professional,’” said Linkhorn. “Every contractor that we recommend we trust that they will not go out and try to oversell something that the client doesn’t need. It’s pretty easy for us to recommend a product for a contractor because they trust us.”

“My neighbor had some pretty good staining on his roof. His house was probably three years older than mine. When they were done his roof looked brand new,” says Linkhorn.

Roof Maxx is a unique option for homebuyers and sellers. It can offer valuable protection and time to assist in keeping the costs of moving to a minimum.

For more information about Roof Maxx and what it can do, click here.

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