The best leaders understand how critical it is to invest in people, or else. A quick scan of the headlines in any business magazine will tell you that companies that invest in developing their employees outperform those who don’t. One of the major criteria cited in all the ‘best places to work’ lists include access to learning opportunities. Employee engagement surveys also cite the opportunity to learn new skills as one of the chief factors in keeping employees committed to organizations.

Why is learning to lead so important?  Because respected and well-trained managers boost morale. They amplify productivity. Hiring (and firing) is an expensive process and the number one reason people leave is because their boss or team does not have the critical capabilities to help them achieve their potential. Skills that top the list include the ability to manage and coach for high performance, nurture innovative thinking, communicate effectively and lead with empathy and emotional intelligence.

Leadership courses

The Leadership Louisville Center is on a mission to help grow human capital, because it is good for individuals, companies and the world we live in. As a trusted resource for 40 years, we’re now offering leadership development courses through the Leadership Green Room.

The July–December courses are some of the most dynamic and transformational we have ever offered. From training with world-renowned gurus to gaining critical skills necessary for managing others, these courses offer incredible learning opportunities for every level of your organization. They are designed for tangible ROI, producing knowledge and skills that your employees can use immediately to have bottom-line impact.

A few highlights include local change-management expert Karen Wunderlin who will facilitate the July 26-27 course on Leading Organizational Change; a globally recognized course for First-Time Managers will be offered August 10 by The Ken Blanchard Companies, with tuition 30-50% lower than normal pricing; renowned author Dr. Joseph Folkman will teach The Extraordinary LeaderTM September 19; and former Yum Brands! CEO David Novak will lead the October 25 course which includes a 90-day online learning experience from his new oGoLeadTM program.

All course participants are immersed in breakthrough thinking alongside potential clients and professional peers, leaving with greater confidence, knowledge and networks. The training days are hosted at the Center’s new modern facility at 707 W. Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. Visit to learn more.

Leadership Louisville Center

Leadership Louisville Center

The Leadership Louisville Center is the region’s most valuable resource for leadership development and civic engagement. With a purpose to inspire and equip leaders to be better and do better, it has graduated over 10,000 through its civic programs since 1979. The Center is recognized as a national best practice and is known for its dynamic programming and strong community connections. Programming includes five civic programs (Leadership Louisville, Focus Louisville, Ignite Louisville, Bingham Fellows and Encore Louisville), events designed to motivate positive change, and leadership skills training courses presented through the Leadership Green Room. Learn more at


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