Over the last 40 years, Vivid Impact has remained a regional leader in the graphics communications industry because of their continual effort to pursue excellence. Believing that their team members are at the heart of their business strategy and success, they launched an internal “Good to Brilliant” initiative to ensure that Vivid remains a member of the Louisville community for years to come.

“We’re investing back into our people, which provides not only opportunities to our team members, but our team members are going to step up and contribute towards a great company,” according to Sam Campitella, Vice President, Sales, Vivid Impact

Create a business that employees can identify with through engagement, empowerment, and ownership.

Training and motivating employees to become more empowered, more engaged and to take ownership of their jobs can provide lasting benefits for the company and its stakeholders. Both management and team members can play their role in transforming a good company culture into a brilliant one.

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What value do these culture shifts bring to Vivid customers?

Engaged employees: A team member who’s on your side, following your project and ensuring it is the best-in-class-solution Vivid can offer.

Empowered employees:  A team member who adapts as issues arise and precedes client deadlines.

Employees who take ownership: A team member who has “I can help you with that” on the tip of his or her tongue, and the follow-through to make sure the client receives what they’re looking for.

An article on USA Today mentions that employees who feel engaged are more willing to put in extra hours and to perform at a higher level. This also reduces employee turnover – all of which lead to cost savings. When a workforce is excited, empowered and proud of their jobs, the result is more efficiency in tasks, more proficiency in skills, and advancement of thought leadership. This affects the bottom line.

Investing in the workforce

“We want to create meaningful work, but we also want to create meaningful compensation to our team members,” said Campitella.

Vivid believes that giving back to the community can start right in your business – by investing in the workforce. Many companies recognize the social responsibility to create local jobs, support livable wage initiatives and launch employee training and development programs. Following the examples set by other companies, Vivid saw solid proof that livable wages could increase brand growth and profits, and boost reputations.

Consider Trader Joe’s success: By offering a fair starting wage of around $13 an hour, health and vacation benefits and flexible schedules, they’ve reduced turnover to around 4 percent annually (which is substantially lower than traditional supermarkets).

Louisville, Kentucky has its own case studies for positive employee initiatives. Norton Healthcare was named a Workplace of the Year by a national advisory board that recognizes hospitals and healthcare systems for outstanding levels of employee engagement. Engaged employees improve patient satisfaction and spotlight Louisville as an epicenter for excellent healthcare.

Can investing in employees equate to a higher ROI?

“I’m old school, I guess, but I’m very proud of what I do. I’m glad to go home at the end of every day and know that I put together a good product,” says John Ford, Press Room Bindery Manager, Vivid Impact.

Dedicating programs and initiatives to benefit employees can drive dollars. By allowing team members to earn a livable wage, support their families, and grow their careers in a positive environment, companies foster a culture of greater expectations and improved job performance.

Set the bar together to achieve greatness

Vivid Impact encourages and challenges other businesses to gain alignment around their “Good to Brilliant” initiative to boost growth and strengthen economic success in the community. Together, they hope to inspire and ignite a more empowered, engaged and prosperous workforce.

The goals of the “Good to Brilliant” initiative include:

  • Creating jobs for our community
  • Providing meaningful work for team members
  • Delivering best-in-class services and products to help our clients discover their “why”

The internal driving forces for meeting these goals:

  • The livable wage – base compensation increase to a minimum $15 per hour for all positions
  • Performance-based incentives – ways to grow compensation over time
  • Team member development – promote a learning environment
  • New tools, processes and communications for team members that help develop engaged team members through our mission, vision, values and core competencies
  • Recruitment and hiring – investing in and onboarding “top talent”

Vivid Impact is also improving its facilities to boost employee experiences and foster a positive culture shift. A creatively inspired makeover to the building’s exterior will feature murals by local artist collective Often Seen Rarely Spoken. Team members can also anticipate in a parking lot revamp, new picnic pavilion, front-office refresh, manufacturing floor renovation and an improved team member lunchroom.

Vivid Impact, located in Jeffersontown, KY, offers the unique and specialized capabilities of various teams including Creative, IT, Sales, Marketing and Digital, and Customer Service in addition to their full-service commercial print facility and fulfillment center.

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