For over three decades, Techshot has been developing new technologies for use in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. More recently, the Kentuckiana tech company has been sending their latest and greatest in microgravity research technology to NASA’s International Space Station, as well as aboard the Space X Dragon cargo capsule.

“We build the ‘picks and shovels’ that researchers use to make new discoveries in space,” said Rich Boling, Vice President of Corporate Advancement at Techshot. “Mostly, we don’t do the research; we make the tools to do the research. So, if you came to us and said you wanted to do some research that would aid in new drug development in space, then we work to find the right piece of Techshot hardware in our catalog. Then, we handle all of the paperwork and the flight and everything through NASA, get your experiment launched, operated on board the space station, [and] brought back down to you.”

Kentuckiana’s “innovation engine” has a lot of intellectual property to protect as a result of being a part of humanity’s ongoing exploration of the universe above. For as long as Boling has worked for Techshot, Middleton Reutlinger has acted as the company’s guardian.

“Middleton makes it all easy and seamless for us,” Boling said. “When you’re developing new technology… securing intellectual property rights is paramount. We would just trust them implicitly to have our best interests at the forefront, making sure we take advantage of any new developments in patent law. They just keep an eye out for us, making sure we’re maximizing the intellectual property that we continue to develop. That’s what we’re really in the business of doing: generating IP.”

An example of Middleton’s work with Techshot involved a project with the United States Department of Defense and the U.S. Army — one involving “solutions to problems” such as “a better way to light the interior of military tents with low-energy lights that are super-rugged.” Techshot developed the solution, which was then chosen by the military. Further development proved successful, leading Techshot to spin-off the project into its own separate company — Techshot Lighting.

“Because of our strong IP position — IP strategy, really — that Middleton helped us develop,” Boling said, “[Techshot Lighting] now has the only solid-state lighting solutions that the military is buying. We’ve started to employ a lot of people at the spin-off company. In fact, it’s providing a revenue stream back to Techshot corporate, because Techshot Lighting licensed that IP from Techshot corporate, which gives Techshot corporate a revenue stream to think up even more amazing things, and kinda get out there in some riskier technology and gives us the funding to develop things that [Techshot corporate wants] to do.”

Some of those things include a 3D printer capable of printing new hearts and other organs in space, a project planned to go up to the International Space Station sometime next year.

Where does Middleton Reutlinger fit into the equation? Boling says the law firm, and in particular Robert Eichenberger, Chair of Middleton’s IP Practice Group and Techshot’s long-time patent attorney, has helped his company sleep better at night regarding its  intellectual property development strategy, giving Techshot “peace of mind” its property is in good hands, allowing the tech firm to focus on what it does best.

“Middleton are hometown guys and members of our own community. I know some people might even look outside of their own area for counsel like the kind Middletown offers, but we feel like that it’s fortuitous that right here at home, we found an organization like Middleton with national cred. We would’ve worked with them anywhere, but it’s nice to find them in our backyard.”

Another reason Techshot chose Middleton Reutlinger to be its ally in protecting its intellectual property? Trust. Boling says 35 families put their trust and future in Techshot; thus, the company needed a law firm who could the same for Techshot.

“We trust them. You think about your relationships with professional service providers, especially those that can make or break a company… We just trust Middleton with our future.”

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