Looking to dress up your home or business with a new set of windows and doors? Pella would like to help with the newest additions to their Architect Series of window and door products, as well as a few new vinyl window exterior colors coming through the colorful leaves of autumn.

“This year Pella introduced two new Architect Series lines,” said Fred Cernetisch, general manager of Pella Windows of Central Kentucky. “The Architect Series has been a brand of Pella’s windows and doors for many years. It represents [the] true expression of an architect’s style. [The series] has been around for a long time, and really done well and performed well [with our clients].”

Not wanting to rest on their accomplishments with the series thus far, Pella listened to their client base — architects, designers, homeowners, and builders — who let the company know they wanted more from them and the Architect Series.

“An architect doesn’t want to be limited to what [a company has] in their catalog,” said Cernetisch. “A homeowner doesn’t want to be a limited to what you have in a showroom or what a salesperson has. More and more folks want to express their style in their homes.”

The result of listening to their customers? Pella’s new Architect Series Contemporary and Architect Series Reserve.

The Architect Series Contemporary

The Architect Series Contemporary line “is the fresh, new, very hot market in contemporary design,” according to Cernetisch. Aimed at both residential and commercial construction, the windows and doors are larger than before, with cleaner lines, optional black frames/interiors, and sleek, integrated hardware systems.

Modern aesthetics that are part of the Architect Series Contemporary line include:

  • Black interior stain prefinished from the factory
  • Pella’s complete exterior palette of more than 27 colors and custom colors
  • Custom-designed modern hardware
  • Square grille profile to create geometric patterns and shapes

Available in casement, awning, and direct set windows and hinged patio doors, Architect Series contemporary products include expansive glass, sleek profiles, and complementary hardware.

Architect Series Reserve

Meanwhile, the Architect Series Reserve line of windows and doors offer a traditional, historic, “more authentic” look to the home or business. Think heavier lines, large sizes, and little details such as OG lugs, a hard-to-find feature in today’s market used in double-hung windows, and one Pella offers as standard while still allowing for modern conveniences like the ability to tilt the window for easier cleaning access.

Cernetisch says both Architect Series Contemporary and Architect Series Reserve are aligned with with the patio doors Pella already offers, making for a complete line of window and door products for each variant to better meet the demands of the company’s client base where other companies only offer pieces and components.

If that’s not enough, Pella has something coming around the bend in the next few months for your consideration:

“The next thing from Pella is our exterior colors in vinyl windows,” Cernetisch said. “Vinyl windows today, when people think of vinyl windows, most vinyl windows are white windows. Somewhere around 60 percent or 70 percent of the vinyl windows in the United States are white. And that’s great; we all make white windows.”

Coming this fall, however, Pella will offer their 250 Series vinyl windows in a total of nine colors, with green, black, and red joining the six exteriors colors already available. The new trio will have white interiors available, and all nine can be had for a “very competitive price,” per Cernetisch.

Why did Pella expand their exterior vinyl color range? Again, it goes back to listening to the marketplace:

“Manufacturers like Pella always listen to the marketplace. It’s hard to react sometimes, to get to the market in time, but Pella is committed to reacting to the marketplace [by] being the innovator in the marketplace. We want to lead, not follow. There are other players in the window and door business that have pieces and parts of the latest trends. Pella, [on the other hand], is coming with fully capable, fully built lines. When we come out [with a new product], it has been tested. It has been engineered correctly. We don’t have any gaps in our line when we launch a full product, unlike our competitors.”

The Pella Architect Series Contemporary and Architect Series Reserve lines are already on display Pella Windows of Central Kentucky’s showroom in Jeffersontown, as well as the new vinyl colors for the 250 Series line, which are already a part of the 450 Series wood window and door line.

For more information about how to make your home “perfectly beautiful” with Pella’s new Architect Series and updated 250 Series lines, or to schedule a free in-home consultation, contact Pella Windows of Central Kentucky at 502-287-0569. You can also visit online at pellalouisville.com, or in person at 11450 Bluegrass Parkway, off Blankenbaker and I-64, in Jeffersontown.

In the small Dutch Community of Pella, Iowa in 1925, Pete and Lucille Kuyper invested in a newfangled invention – a window screen that rolled up and down like a shade. The couple went on to found a company based on the principles of traditional American values, integrity and the desire to enrich the homes and lives of others. Today, Pella Corporation is still owned by the Kuyper family, and continues to be a leader in technology and product innovation. In fact, we've been awarded more than 150 product and design patents. And the team at Pella is as committed as ever to continuing the company's proud heritage of building innovative windows and doors.


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