When you have a great product what is the best thing you can do? Make it better. Roof Maxx, the bio oil based product created to extend the life of asphalt shingle roofing, has improved and added a cleaning component. Roof Maxx with Cleaning will work to not only replenish aging asphalt shingles but will allow unsightly algae stains that occur on some rooftops to wash away with rain.

“We are really excited about the generation two product from Roof Maxx,” says Shingle Savers Jay McCain.  “The number one question customers ask is ‘Will this clean the stains off my roof?’. Now we can answer yes!”

“There is lots of interest in the original Roof Maxx product. I think the residential market in particular is going to love what the new version does for their home.”

Original product

Roof Maxx’s original product is applied directly to the shingles through a licensed dealer such as Shingle Savers. The Soy Fusion Technology that Roof Maxx employs lets millions of microbeads penetrate aging shingles promoting the restoration of the essential oils and rejuvenating the performance of the roof. This process results in extended protection and cost savings for the homeowners. Roof Maxx is only a fraction of the cost of replacement. Roof Maxx with cleaning follows the same process as the original Roof Maxx product.

Now with the cleaning agent, Roof Maxx will not only add life to the roof, it will kill the algae that feeds on the limestone found in asphalt shingle roofing. These algae stains make rooftops appear older.

“The stains on your roof are algae which feed on the limestone filler used in shingles,” says McCain. “The original oil that is used is a natural barrier to algae growth and as that oil dries out it’s buffet time for the algae. That is why algae stains are a great indicator that it’s time for a Roof Maxx with cleaning treatment.”

As shingles become exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, they age and begin to weather. As they lose their vital essential oils, these shingles become dry and brittle, begin loosing granules and do not perform as they should. Dry shingle cannot respond to weather conditions and temperature changes as they should. This elasticity is integral to the shingles performance and is lost as shingles age.

Fixing blue-green algae

The growth of the blue-green algae, known as Gloeocapsa magma, happens in environments with hot and humid summers. The algae is not damaging on its own but it is unsightly and often signifies asphalt shingles that could use a little special attention and replenishing.

Since roofing is such an expensive repair, often tens of thousands of dollars,  the availability of a product like Roof Maxx to extend roof life is essential. The new Roof Maxx with cleaning adds an important component by further improving not only the life of the shingles but improving the look of a shingle by removing unsightly algae stains and costing only a fraction of the price of total roof replacement. .

“Roof Maxx with cleaning works by killing the algae growth and the stains rinse away over time with rainfall,” said McCain. “There is no need to protect plants and landscaping as with some other roof cleaning treatments that use bleach or chemicals.”

Founded by experienced roofing professionals the Feazel brothers, Mike and Todd, Roof Maxx is a food grade product that is 100% safe for people, pets, property and the environment.

Using Roof Maxx on aging asphalt shingles can extend the roof life for at least five years or more.

“There is also no pressure washing involved. Roof Maxx is applied with low pressure similar to a rinse spray from a garden hose,” said McCain.

As with the original Roof Maxx product, customers can expect to experience no high-pressure sales pitches and a product that can restore a rooftop with only an hour or so of application time. The algae cleaning will take a bit longer as the product has to break down the algae process and rain will further clear it away.

A Roof Maxx treatment comes with a five-year transferable warranty. The warranty guarantees that if customers have to replace a Roof Maxx-treated roof due to shingle failure before the five-year period is up, they will be refunded the prorated remainder of the cost. Because this warranty is transferable, if they sell their homes within that five-year period they can transfer this warranty to the new homeowner. This is an additional benefit to the homeowner should they need to sell their home within that five year period.

“Roof Maxx with Cleaning is a great way to beautify your home and extend the life of your roof,” said McCain. “The original Roof Maxx product is 100% all natural and so is the Roof Maxx with Cleaning. This is a sustainable product that will not harm the environment or your home.”

Louisville will become only the second market in the United States to have the Roof Maxx with Cleaning available. The nationwide rollout will happen later in the year.



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