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Amplify: a section of Insider Louisville devoted to bringing attention to the positive movements being made by organizations and individuals dedicated to our community.

Insider Amplify launched in January 2019, initially featuring the stories of more than a dozen local nonprofits and their programming. Each installment includes information about how to support the organization. Future Amplify categories may include: arts, innovation, higher education, neighborhoods and more.

Insider Louisville has received initial grants from The Gheens Foundation, LG&E KU Foundation, and Hardscuffle, Inc. to launch the Amplify initiative. Your organization can help make it a permanent feature to support area nonprofits and local journalism.

Amplify Story Investment:

  • Help tell 50 stories: $70,000
  • Help tell 25 stories: $35,000
  • Help tell 12 stories: $20,000
  • Help tell 6 stories: $10,000
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