Congrats to our neighbors at the Insider Louisville World Headquarters – Beam Technologies officially launched the Beam Brush at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

We’ve seen shipment after shipment of Beam Brushes leave our shared NuLu office space, but the Beam Brush, the 1st app-connected toothbrush, made its official commercial debut at one of the biggest tech trade shows of the year.

To celebrate, the “Beam Team” is offering a 30% discount on any online order for the next week.  Just enter the coupon code “BRUSHSMART” in the shopping cart before you check out to apply the deal. The brush retails at $49.99.

If you’re already tracking your health and fitness habits via a Fitbit or a Nike Fuel Band, the Beam Brush gives you another health data set to quantify. The brush also appeals to parents who want to help their kids build and maintain great oral care habits.

“We are focused on bringing oral hygiene and dental care directly into the digital health conversation,” said Alex Frommeyer, CEO of Beam Technologies. “The Beam Brush is a unique platform for daily health monitoring, and our app is poised to be a content rich interface for users to better understand, access, and engage their dental care needs.”

In addition to the discount, Beam is also announcing a referral program. It says: “If a friend or family member buys a Beam Brush because of you and simply mentions your name on any of our social media sites or in an email to the company, we will ship you a free replacement head to say thanks!”


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