Louisville’s second annual Buy Nothing Day Coat Drive is Friday, November 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Traditionally one of the biggest retail days of the year, Buy Nothing Day in Louisvlle will encourage a different kind of exchange on Black Friday, the shopping day after Thanksgiving that gets most retailers into the black financially.

People or groups wishing to donate winter coats are asked to bring them to one of the locations listed below on November 25 at 9 a.m., according to a news release.

Anyone who needs a winter coat or winter coats for themselves and their family may come to the event between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on the 25th and take what they need, according to the release.

The event, which is a collaboration of several groups and individuals in coordination with the global “Buy Nothing Day” movement, has spread to eight locations in 2011 from two last year.


Locations in Louisville are:

  • The Green Building, 732 East Market Street

Contact: Ted Loebenberg, 401.952.6566 [email protected]

  • Westport Baptist Church, 9705 Westport Rd.

Contact: Kellie Johnston 502.425.2350 ext 117 [email protected]

  • Schmitt’s Florist parking lot, 5050 Poplar Level Road

Contact: Russ Schmitt 502.969.8579 [email protected]

  • First Unitarian Church, 809 S. Fourth St.

Contact: Kathy Gapsis 812.923.7696 [email protected]

  • Save-A-Lot Food Store, 4148 Taylor Boulevard

Contact: Craig Oeswein 502.533.9483 [email protected]

  • St. Paul AME Church, 1518 South 28th Street

Contact: Rev. Nachia Woods 502.436.7301 [email protected]

  • Evolve Consignments, parking lot, 2416 Frankfort Ave.

Contact: Gerry Mattingly 502.690.6655 [email protected]

  • Radcliff:

Contact: Jeff Peden, 502.817.4706 [email protected]

The event is coordinated in Louisville by Ted Loebenberg of Brokers Unlimited Inc. Professional Auctioneers. Loebenberg coordinated several years of successful coat drives in his native Rhode Island, and now is continuing the initiative in Kentucky, according to the release.

In Radcliff, the effort is coordinated by Rotary Club 3747.

Buy Nothing Day is a concept first started by AdBusters to encourage conscious thought and resistance to consumerism on Black Friday.

Sponsors include: The Green Building and Gill Holland, Brokers Unlimited Inc and Ted Loebenberg, Dr. Mary Gordinier, the Westport Baptist Church, Schmitt’s Florist, First

Unitarian Church, Sav-a-Lot Food Store, Rotaract Club of Greater Louisville, Prospect Goshen Rotary Club, Louisville Police Department. St. Paul AME Church, and Evolve Consignments.

To keep up with the latest developments, visit: freecoatexchange.org

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