The line-up for the new Liberation Prophecy album.

Louisville’s Liberation Prophecy hasn’t released an album since their lovely debut, “Last Exit Angel” in 2006, so a follow-up is long overdue.

This past week the Libs launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of their album as well as a tour, so we certainly hope that they get the support that this super-talented and endlessly interesting group very much deserves.

Liberation Prophecy is an ensemble based around bandleader and Louisville jazz great Jacob Duncan, and has featured a great many musicians over the years. Their sound always maintains a jazz rapport, but it can never be described as “jazz,” as their sound veers into indie and folk rock territories as well.

This new record has some added treats as there are writing collaborations with both Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Joe Manning.

(The debut album, “Last Exit Angel,” featured a guest appearance by Norah Jones.)

The biography on their Facebook page describes the new material “…compared to its predecessor, it’s less avant-garde and more song-oriented, personal and accessible,” which surely explains why both Bonnie  “Prince” Billy and Manning’s contributions can and most likely will find an excellent home within the music of Liberation Prophecy.

Check out their Kickstarter page here and consider helping out this Louisville treasure.

Meanwhile, Jacob often plays jazz at both The Rudyard Kipling and Nach Bar.

Do keep an eye out for him.

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