In case you haven’t been there for a performanc, word is getting around that Kentucky Country Day School now has one of the best concert halls in the city.

And Louisville Jazz Society is about to make the most of it.

We just got this news release about LJS bringing pianist Laurance Hobgood and Ernie Watts to town Sat., April 7 for a 7:30 p.m. concert.

Fom the LJS news release:
LJS is thrilled to announce that we’re sponsoring a gig by these two stellar players in just over two weeks at Kentucky Country Day School.
Two excellent jazz men whose work you’ve almost certainly enjoyed come to the front of the stage for this show sponsored by the Louisville Jazz Society. Grammy Award winner Hobgood has been the pianist and arranger for singer Kurt Elling for almost 20 years.
“All About Jazz” calls him “one of the finest pianists out there. Period.” He ¬†and his trio, which includes the bassist Matthew Rybicki and drummer Jared Schonig who also back Ellling, are joined for this gig by sax virtuoso Watts, who’s done everything from the soundtracks for “Chariots of Fire” and “Ghostbusters” to the sax parts on cds by Frank Zappa and Steely Dan to Charlie Haden’s Quartet West, and has done a number of gigs with Hobgood and Elling over the past few years. They’re playing in the acoustically warm space at Kentucky Country Day School’s theater, and we’re pricing it very affordably, with tickets going on sale (yesterday).

Tickets are $15 for the public, $12 for LJS members. Your can order tickets here.

Kentucky Country Day School Theater is at 4100 Springdale Rd., about a mile from Brownsboro Crossings medical/retail center.

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