The Frazier dragon

The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, mermaids and unicorns are coming to Louisville.

No, it’s not for a crypto-zoological convention or a sci-fi festival (although I hope the Fandom Fest organizers are planning a partnership).

It’s the American Museum of Natural History exhibit, “Mythic Creatures” premiering this weekend at the Frazier History Museum.

This 7,500 square-foot exhibit features artifacts including pre-historic fossils, textiles, paintings, stone carvings, wooden sculptures and other cultural objects. But it also includes “actual-size” models, including a 17-foot-long dragon with 19 ft. wingspan, a 10-foot unicorn and a kraken with 12-foot-long tentacles.

The exhibit allows visitors to experience these creatures and trace the origins and migrations of the stories that surround them.  Four different exhibit environments investigate the folklore and culture behind Creatures of the Sea, Land and Air and Dragons.

“Mythic Creatures” compares how diverse cultures around the world depict and perceive these beings and how they are symbols and the embodiments of a culture’s values, morals and fears.

The best news is that for residents of Kentuckiana, it’s Hometown Tourism Month until the end of the month.

And even though “Mythic Creatures” is a premium exhibit that requires an upcharge, admission is still buy-one-get-one.  Just show your Kentucky or S. Indiana ID and say “I’m a Hometown Tourist!” and the discount is yours.

The exhibit is open until September 15.

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