By Matt Stone

Given the alternative, I think that having a Topgolf in this space is a no-brainer. Rather than having a crumbling expanse of largely unused cement, aka, a closed Sears parking lot, I’m incredibly happy that the space is being utilized.

As for the adjoining neighborhood’s complaints, I find it almost comical that residents who chose to move to a property adjacent to a large shopping mall are complaining about noise, traffic, and lights.

If this business was trying to open up in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood, I could understand the outrage. But given the steps taken by Topgolf to mitigate sound and light pollution, I don’t see this being any more of a nuisance than living next to a sea of concrete.

Even though I’m not a golfer, I hope I have the chance to try my hand at some of the games they have — I’ve been told they’re a lot of fun even for novices!

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