By Charles Wallace

As long as the trucks do not create or worsen public safety, I think they should be allowed to park as they please. They should be regulated by the Health Department for food safety issues.

Creating “zones” for this business activity that can serve literally every person in Louisville other than hospitalized or institutionalized citizens should not be a role for government. I think the market will help move the vendors around in the most efficient way. If there are too many in one place, they will move on.

Food trucks are competition for local brick and mortar restaurants, but cannot offer seating and service, so the market will tell us what to do. Food trucks are also seasonal, and the weather will determine some of the activity.

Other than regulatory food safety and public safety access, the government should leave their hands off of this.
Any truck parked in a private lot that has permission of the owner of that lot, should not be restricted to how many times they park there.

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