Here is a roundup of Insider Voices reflecting recent news developments.

Public school accountability

Public schools must meet specific accountability standards, which are not required of charter schools. Charter school admission standards may result in unfair ability grouping by favoring the “best and brightest” students.

This can lead to diminished learning opportunities for the remaining students if the “best” students are not there to make effective and helpful contributions.

Students do learn from each other in a good classroom setting. Funding charter schools with taxpayer money is a subsidy of private education and also results in hidden costs as well as direct loss of revenue to public schools. Sue Stock

Short-term rentals shouldn’t compete without the same rules

It is totally inappropriate that people can do short-term rentals that compete with hotels and bed and breakfasts without the same rules, regulations and inspections.

Most of these people who rent out their homes or rooms do not have appropriate insurance, which does not protect the consumer or frankly the insurance companies.

They do not have health inspections, in many cases do not pay taxes sales and occupancy taxes and/or income taxes.

This needs to changed and these people tracked down and shut down if they do not have appropriate insurance, do not have health inspections and pay all taxes.

Additionally, if in a HOA community, that community must agree to the individual renting our rooms or properties. These short-term rentals have negatively affected those hotels and bed and breakfasts income. Cheryl Sabin

Humana stock buyback

Hmmmmm. It seems the GOP tax plan was extremely short-sighted as to what companies would do with their $1 trillion of lessened tax burden.

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the money that is being used to buy back their stock from Goldman Sachs supposed to have “trickled down” to their workers?

Obviously, companies always do the morally obligated action of shoring up their profits. How else can we expect them to afford the CEO’s bonus of $20 million last year?

So now we can add their own employees to the list of those they will steal from in the name of capitalism. GREAT! Is America great again yet? Because I’m not so sure how much more “great”ness this country can still yet afford. Power is supposed to go to the people, not corporations, neigh monopolies. Aaron Schoenman

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