Yarmuth has been a single-payer supporter for years

Congressman John Yarmuth | Photo via campaign website

The Feb 27, 2019 article about Rep. John Yarmuth (Liberal Democrats want Medicare for all. Yarmuth is not convinced.) contains a serious error. John Yarmuth was a co-sponsor of the single payer bill, HR 676, The Improved and Expanded Medicare For All Act, originally sponsored by Rep. John Conyers. Rep. Yarmuth signed on as co-sponsor during his first year in Congress and remained so until this new Congress. HR 676 omitted any role for private insurers. The premium and taxpayer dollars going to the administrative costs and profits of private insurers, who are essentially unnecessary middlemen, are monies needed to cover everyone (see IL’s recent story on Humana profits). Harriette Seiler

Unfair tax on low-income citizens

Regarding the proposed tax increases on certain insurance premiums from Mayor Greg Fischer as he tries to close a coming budget gap, I think this is an unfair tax on those of us living on a very low fixed income. I understand we need to do something to fix this problem, but I do not think this is the answer. I do not want to see cuts to community services and I am willing to do my fair share to help, but taxing beyond my ability to pay is unfair to me and a very large portion of others in Jefferson County. I have been a supporter of Mayor Fischer from the beginning and feel he has done a great job for Louisville, but I do not agree with him on this one. Brenda Erickson

Bevin riding the backs of working men and women

Republicans, led by Gov. Matt Bevin, say we need to make Kentucky more appealing to outside companies. How about helping the companies and the people here now? There are too many tax dollars going out of state. That money needs to stay here. Licensing laws need implementing so the money spent on construction projects would stay in the state.

I work on and install fire sprinkler systems. Currently, there are no licensing laws for this trade in Kentucky. That means anyone can come in from out of state, work and take their paycheck home and spend it in that community.

We need to keep these dollars here.

With the legislation for the unemployment insurance reduction, all the Republicans want is to take from the working man. When are the Republicans going to help secure jobs in-state so Kentuckians do not have to use the unemployment insurance, especially in the construction trades? Paul Jessie


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