By Clark Salot

I attended the first Planning Committee meeting at the Shelby campus where I listened to pro and con views on the Topgolf proposed development. The pro’s were almost all articulated by young professionals who have and want a long-term stake in our community.

It is THEIR future and that of my own children that I’m thinking of as it relates to the livability of our city, and what the next generation of professionals want and need to make the community attractive.

Entertainment outlets like Topgolf that thrive within every city they operate are what Louisville needs, and we’re fortunate that they want to build here.

Oxmoor Center is one of two malls on Shelbyville Road. | Courtesy of Oxmoor Center

The increased foot traffic within Oxmoor Center will increase the success of the other retailers in that space (and increase tax revenues in the bargain).

Without Topgolf, the neighbors are deluding themselves into thinking that another box store, or something less intrusive, will move into that abandoned space. I’m for a new and popular entertainment outlet for locals and visitors alike, and the increased tax revenue it will bring to Louisville and St. Matthews.

Finally, Topgolf has been very accommodating to the neighbors and have treated their concerns with respect. That is the kind of retail anchor we need to reinvigorate Oxmoor Center and give our young people something to cheer about (and stay and play) in this community.

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