By Julie Oechsli

I’ve worked full-time since I was 17 years old. I was a single divorced mom of one with no help from my daughter’s father. I struggled but I worked and paid my own way. I think people who are able-bodied should have to do something productive to help cover the costs of their own living expenses. Ultimately, able-bodied people should be working, not living off of the system. Taxpayers, like myself, are the ones paying this cost. Not the federal government. The money comes from taxpayers, so I’m not sure why some people feel it is all right for taxpayers to be burden with this when we have our own bills and things to take care of. It’s not fair for people to get something for free, while other people are working to pay for it. I agree with Trump and Bevin. It’s time to get people off the system and into the workforce.

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