By AJ Miller

Louisville government should issue tax credits to companies that dispose of certain construction and demolition waste at appropriate recycling facilities as opposed to just disposing these materials at the landfill.

This would not only significantly lower the cost of construction projects, attract companies to Louisville as a more cost-effective option for their corporate headquarters, and provide developers a cheaper option for development projects, but it would also create a booming green industry in Louisville, add green jobs, and decrease the waste footprint for a city that sees itself significantly growing over the next 20 years.

Going Green has become a popular slogan by companies, local government and individuals. But, rarely do these statements mirror the actions. There are thousands of tons/yards of material every day that can be recycled instead of being buried in a landfill, where they will possibly be dug up for reuse at some point in the future as they do in the United Kingdom.

Concrete, asphalt, brick, block, stone and other materials that can be recycled into construction aggregates, at a lower cost than mined stone, should be treated as a more valuable resource than they are currently.

With Louisville attempting to attract corporations to build facilities here and attract/keep young professionals from going elsewhere, our growing city should be growing “green.”

This would be a major step in that direction. There are extensive studies on recycled aggregate that show the material is high quality and should not be looked at as inferior to mined limestone. It’s a cheaper and “greener” way to create construction aggregates and a fantastic and innovative approach to reusing the aging buildings and infrastructure.

There is zero talk about this within the Louisville government and every day the landfill receives thousands of tons of recyclable material that would save construction jobs millions of dollars. Green jobs are always talked about as the future and we could make that happen today and put Louisville on the correct path of growth.

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