Check out Louisville’s Top 60 Influential Organizations

2016-03-10_15-00-43Take a trip back in the Louisville Time Machine and life in the city changes with the ticks of the clock, depending on the major businesses and other organizations that are prominent.

Some organizations are anchors for the city through the years, and others have shined in their hour or two of fame. General Electric was the star on this side of the river as we gazed across the Ohio at the Colgate clock on the other side.

Ford seems to have had a presence in the city since Henry started that new-fangled production line concept. Whiskey has been around since before the Whiskey Rebellion and all forms of agriculture have enriched the area.

Before UPS came to town, the city always seemed to get rid of the snow removal equipment BEFORE the snow storms crippled our population.

So it seems the fabric of Louisville is formed by not only the people who live here, but the organizations they belong to and for whom they work.

What organizations are leading the city now?