Who is influential today? Discover their connections in our community

If you were asked to list the people or organization with the most influence in Louisville, who would make your list?

Obviously, it probably would depend on how you define “most influential” and then you could progress, or more likely, regress from there. Influence could be executive leadership at a major employer or a community leader with a shared interests who can help propel your career.

Regardless of how you measure influence, relationships are essential for professional success and is at the core of our civic engagement. And not only are relationships essential, information about people and their connections within a community can be a very real advantage.

To make it easier for you to find influential connections in our community and have a competitive advantage, we created a hyperlocal certified relationship database. It’s called Insider 502.

Not only does Insider 502 have multiple practical uses, it is an easy way to simply probe the connections between the people you know and the people they know — that you know too! Download and discover these local influences so you can start making meaningful connections.

2016-04-12_11-31-10Which accounting firms and accountants count in the Louisville community?

For most accounting firms, the first quarter and early spring are filled with the buzz of tax time. Long hours and long weeks begin to stack up for those fighting their way through the inscrutable morass of tax codes, updates, advisories and all things tax-related.

Meanwhile, Louisville’s accounting professionals manage to continuously influence our community through memberships on boards, professional networking, charities and other organizations.  How they do both? The secret might be buried in the tax code, so yep, they’re the only ones that know.

While your accountant helps you navigate through the maze of tax law, Insider 502 will measure and map out their local influence.

2016-03-16_14-01-00Bracket done? Now check out Insider 502’s matchups of local alumni influence

You could compare the spirit of rivalry locally to Scottish clans and not be far from the truth. Rivalries are almost genetically inherited in a child here (although sometimes something in the gene gets twisted).

And so you start off with historic rivalries in high school, such as Trinity versus St. X or Male versus Manual, both of which began in the mists of time. And for most of you who are reading this, those rivalries have continued into your college years.

This is not a thing that is exclusively sports related, although that is where you may see the most passionate examples. No, intellectually based rivalries are also quite acceptable, although those sometime have a sports tinge to them.

2016-03-10_15-00-43Check out Louisville’s top 60 influential organizations

Take a trip back in the Louisville Time Machine and life in the city changes with the ticks of the clock, depending on the major businesses and other organizations that are prominent.

Some organizations are anchors for the city through the years, and others have shined in their hour or two of fame. General Electric was the star on this side of the river as we gazed across the Ohio at the Colgate clock on the other side.

Ford seems to have had a presence in the city since Henry started that new-fangled production line concept. Whiskey has been around since before the Whiskey Rebellion and all forms of agriculture have enriched the area.

Before UPS came to town, the city always seemed to get rid of the snow removal equipment BEFORE the snow storms crippled our population.


Louisvilles Top 100 CoverWho wields the most influence in Louisville?

If you were asked to list the people with the most influence in Louisville, who would make your list?

Obviously, it probably would depend on how you defined “most influential” and then you could progress, or more likely, regress from there. It is a fun exercise, so we’ll just wait a few minutes while you make a short list of your top 10 influencers.

OK, time’s up! Does your list have those who try to nurture the vox populi? Are they the leaders of business here? How did you measure their impact on the community?

Perhaps you haven’t experienced the possibilities for comparison that are inherent in our new, moderated, database product, Insider 502! If you have, you could have put together your list quickly using the criteria that we used in putting together our “Louisville’s Top 100 Influential Leaders” report.