IdeaFestival organizers cancel 2018 event

This post has been updated with reaction. By Hope Reese The city of Louisville will not be the same in September — IdeaFestival has just been canceled. In a news release on Monday, IdeaFestival announced that the program, which has produced 15 events since 2000, is undergoing a “complete re-evaluation of every aspect of the […]

IdeaFestival scales back in 2017 as it reboots

Kris Kimel, founder of the IdeaFestival, announced on Tuesday that the event would be scaled back this year as it undergoes “a complete re-evaluation and reinvention of every aspect of the enterprise.” In a phone interview, Kimel said, “We just decided it’s time we stepped back and look at everything with an eye toward reimagining, […]

JCPS IdeaFestival celebrates ‘Connectivity’

JCPS Superintendent Dr. Donna Hargens, Mayor Greg Fischer and Congressman John Yarmuth were on hand Friday morning to kick off the annual JCPS IdeaFestival. The event, held at Spalding University, was attended by students from nearly every high school in Louisville, a total of around 600 students overall. The event featured TED-style talks delivered by […]

IdeaFestival: ‘History of Us’ shapes our attitudes, identities and DNA

When journalist Christine Kenneally was a young girl growing up in Australia, her teacher, like many elementary school teachers around the world, asked the class to create a family tree. She returned home and asked her parents the questions about her family history that the teacher had given the class. Her parents, Kenneally said, were indignant and […]

IdeaFestival: Passion fuels Ricardo Rivera, pioneer of video mapping

Writing about Ricardo Rivera’s presentation of his work is “you had to be there to believe it” twice removed. Rivera, co-founder and creative director of the Klip Collective, stressed the importance of seeing his video mapping installations in person throughout the course of his presentation at IdeaFestival 2016. Alice Gray Stites, curator at the 21c […]

IdeaFestival: Creative Capital returns with Art @ the Edge

Every year, New York City-based group Creative Capital brings four mind-blowing artists to Louisville for one of the most interesting IdeaFestival events: Art @ the Edge. Each artist has received a sizable grant from Creative Capital to pursue their work. This year’s crop of artists may have been the strongest collection of creators in the years […]

IdeaFestival: Exploring Virtual Reality

To understand virtual reality is to experience it firsthand. Short of that, watching someone else don VR equipment to navigate a different reality and project that experience in real-time on a huge screen the way Ben Kuchera did at the IdeaFestival works, too. “I’m talking to you and you can see my body language,” he […]

IdeaFestival: Experts say too many people get cancer treatments they don’t need

Cancer screenings have reduced the risk people face of dying from the disease, but early detection has to be improved to protect people from unnecessary treatments, a doctor and a medical ethicist said. Since the early 1990s, the share of people who have died from cancer has dropped markedly, primarily because of lower smoking rates and […]

IdeaFestival: ‘Subtle Distortion’

Some folks exited a sound installation in The Kentucky Center’s MeX Theater on Thursday shaking their heads. In less than a minute, IdeaFestival attendees who were curious enough to enter were immersed in an odd sequence of distorted sound. They walked slowly in a dark room, circling a table on which a spotlight illuminated a […]