Music & Art: ‘In the Moment’ exhibit opens Friday at Art Sanctuary

Art inspires art. That’s the premise behind a new exhibition opening Friday at Art Sanctuary titled “In the Moment: An Artists’ Collaboration.” Rita M. Cameron’s 19 abstract art paintings were all created while she was listening to music. Seven of the pieces were painted live, while a band was playing on stage during collaborative artist […]

Art Sanctuary hosts Charlotte Ann Pollock’s ‘Lore and Landscapes’ exhibit

An undeniable quality of Louisville is that its community works together to support and grow local culture. A good example of that is Art Sanctuary, a nonprofit gallery and studio warehouse in Germantown that fosters artists by providing them space for a nominal fee. On Friday, the Gallery at Art Sanctuary will showcase “Lore and Landscapes,” a collection of […]

‘The sky is the limit’: Zoning issues finally cleared up for Art Sanctuary

For more than a decade, the name “Art Sanctuary” has meant a home for all kinds of art. Even though that home began as a moveable feast, popping up for single nights at area bars or for epic potluck art parties at founder Lisa Frye’s house, the hope has always been that Art Sanctuary would be a physical […]

Art Sanctuary hosts ‘ArtSips’ painting and wine class on Friday

I’m sure all the greats sipped wine as they painted. And I’m sure the more they sipped, the better the art became (at least until the morning). Art Sanctuary is offering an “ArtSips” class for anyone (21 and over) who’d like to sip some wine and paint a masterpiece. The class — which is Friday, Jan. […]

Flea Off Market’s Holiday Bazaar is Dec. 6-7 at Art Sanctuary

There are plenty of options for buying local this season, but this one will serve as a unique one-stop shop: The Flea Off Market is heading indoors this month for their annual Holiday Bazaar at the Art Sanctuary in Germantown this weekend, Dec. 6-7. All the eclectic and random booths you’ve come to expect at the Flea Off […]

Harbor House gives participants a place to be themselves

Steven, a participant at Harbor House, can’t decide what he likes best about being there. He could only say he “loves it all and loves everybody there.” For the last 15 years, Steven, who has Downs Syndrome, has attended the day program for individuals with disabilities. Marla Moore, Assistant Director of Development, said Harbor House […]

Bjork Ball merges chamber music, art installation and after-party

Fans of art installations, chamber orchestras, wicked after-parties and the Icelandic singer, songwriter, composer, actress and record producer Björk are coming together on Saturday, Jan. 19, for the first-ever Björk Ball. It’s an immersive concert and dance experience created by a partnership between Orchestra Enigmatic and a collaborative of interdisciplinary artists and creators called Interstice. Insider spoke with Björk […]