Meet Kevin Gibson: Insider Louisville’s go-to food and beer writer

Along with local news, government workings and business happenings, our city’s culinary and brewing scenes deserve a lot of our attention, and one of Insider Louisville’s contributors has covered those beats closely for the past three-and-a-half years. Kevin Gibson is a freelance writer and author who hails from Louisville, and whose new book “Unique Eats […]

Be-Forecastle News: Kevin Gibson’s 5 for Forecastle

I’m not going to Forecastle. For one thing, that’s where the cool kids go, and I’m just not that cool; hell, I bought my last pair of shoes at Target, for chrissakes. For another, I can’t afford the tickets. And for yet another, I’m not a fan of those kinds of crowds. Hey, I’m old. […]

Kevin Gibson: ‘Pappy’ craze creates crazy black market for rare bourbons

Looking for a nice bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon? Go to’s Louisville site. Click “collectibles” and then search “bourbon.” Now, go to the bank and withdraw your life savings. The rising popularity of bourbon and whiskey the past three or four years has seen the opening of more and more whiskey bars, such […]

Gallery: Insider Louisville hosts craft beer event

The art of craft beer is not just about a preference for hops and sours. It’s also a story about how a need for new tastes and a head for innovation can create an entire industry. To recognize the craft beer breweries that are a staple of our local food and beverage scene, Insider Louisville […]

Ramen Inochi brings delicious ramen back to former Rumplings spot

When Rumplings garnered such buzz as a dedicated noodle joint in 2014, it was a much-needed addition to the Louisville culinary scene. When it closed seven months later, it would have been easy to feel despair — but ramen and pho have gotten a toehold ever since, with no sign of letting go. Spots like […]