Bardstown Bourbon Co. partnered with Copper & Kings American Brandy for two new products. | Photo by Sara Havens

There are good ideas, and then there are great ideas. A partnership between Louisville’s Copper & Kings American Brandy and Bardstown’s new Bardstown Bourbon Co. on two new whiskeys is one of the great ones.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, the two distilleries said that they were teaming up to create two distinct products: a 10-year-old bourbon finished in C&K’s brandy barrels and a 10-year-old bourbon finished in Muscat Mistelle barrels. The products have been maturing in used barrels in C&K’s basement cellar for 18 months.

Master distiller Steve Nally inside the BBCo distillery in 2016 | Photo by Sara Havens

The new finished bourbons will be called Collabor&tion and will be released on Friday to select Kentucky retail stores. Insider will attend the product release and will have more information and photos, but here’s what we know now.

The 10-year-old bourbon was sourced from Indiana’s Lawrenceburg Distillers, now MGP, and is made from 75 percent corn, 21 percent rye and 4 percent malted barley.

Both products will be sold at cask strength — the brandy-finished bourbon at a whopping 113 proof, and the Mistelle-finished bourbon at 94 proof.

In the partnership, C&K’s head distiller Brandon O’Daniel and BBCo’s master distiller Steve Nally are at the helm.

“Collabor&tion is the first of many original releases from the Bardstown Bourbon Company,” said David Mandell, president and CEO of BBCo, in a press release. “We’ve built our company by working together with many of the leaders in the spirits industry, and our philosophy of collaboration is reflected in the brands we’re developing, the companies we partner with, and the Kentucky communities we represent.”

Copper & Kings head distiller Brandon O’Daniel | Photo by Sara Havens

The partnership between the two distilleries began two years ago, according to the release, and O’Daniel worked alongside Nally to help select just the right flavor profile.

“Coll&boration is not made to be collected; it’s far more special than that,” said C&K co-founder and president Joe Heron in the release. “Its heart is friendship, enjoying company and bringing out the best in each other. It is an exceptional bourbon that was made by friends for friends and is designed to be enjoyed with friends.”

Although Insider hasn’t tried the product (yet), we assume by finishing a 10-year-old bourbon in used brandy barrels, it will accentuate the dark fruit notes commonly found in an older bourbon and help balance the spice of the rye. And at 75 percent corn, we’re guessing it will be quite smooth, sweet and easy to sip.

Insider got a first look at BBCo last year and were amazed by the $25 million complex situated on 100 acres in the middle of a corn field. We’re looking forward to revisiting the distillery on Friday.

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