Bar Belle: 20 years ago, I walked into The Back Door …

It’s been nearly 20 years to the day that a girl walked into a bar and her life was forever changed. That bar was Highlands’ haunt The Back Door, and that girl was a young, new-to-Louisville Buckeye who had just landed a job at LEO Weekly and was invited by friendly coworkers to a longstanding […]

Bar Belle: Bucket List crushed by a barrel of Weller

It’s funny how a Monday morning can feel like a Friday afternoon when you’re inside Bonded Storage Building H, a metal-clad barrel warehouse nestled among Buffalo Trace Distillery’s sprawling 400 acres. My job was to help a crew from Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen and Waylon’s Feed & Firewater pick the very best — or rather, most […]

Bar Belle: Hittin’ up the high-spirited haunts of Highview

Continuing on with my neighborhood series spotlight on the wide world of watering holes, my crew and I decided to venture out to Highview for an evening to see what kind of trouble we could find. What we stumbled across were four lively bars, some that have been around for decades, with a mostly welcoming […]

April 11: Batch 1 of The Bar Belle’s Urban Bourbon Trail Happy Hour

There’s no denying the significance of bourbon in Louisville, from its economic impact to bourbon-themed culture and events. Sara Havens covers spirits as The Bar Belle, in addition to her role as Insider Louisville’s Culture Editor. To get out and experience some of the cultural and economic significance of bourbon in Louisville, we invite you […]

Bar Belle: Navigating nutrition when Dry January gets damp

We’re more than halfway through January, and I’ve already heard from numerous people around town that they’ve given up on their diets. And even more surprising — or not — this “Dry January” nonsense is loosening its grip on health-conscience Louisvillians. How do I know? Because my bars are more crowded than ever. I kinda […]

Bar Belle: How to New Year’s Eve like a boss on a budget

This is not a list of all the swanky parties going on Monday night where you drop a grand to get in, wear the highest heels you have and pass out before the clock strikes midnight. Nor is this a list of the semi-cool happenings Monday night that involve an affordable cover and a decent […]

Bar Belle: What to get those Bar Belles/Blokes on your list

Besides getting two days off next week, I really don’t have the time or enthusiasm for Christmas this year. Don’t get me wrong — I like buying gifts for other people and I can mildly tolerate holiday music if it’s sung by Mariah Carey or Elvis.  But this will be the first Christmas I have […]

Bar Belle: One night in J-Town and the world’s your oyster

“Jeffersontown,” “J-Town,” “That city way down Taylorsville Road” — whatever you call it, the neighborhood is a thriving part of our city, although it’s not technically even part of our city. I don’t want to get into the details, because I don’t understand them myself, but Jeffersontown is its own city — complete with its […]

Bar Belle: Beat the heat with these elite sweet treats

As a fair-skinned vampire, I don’t much care for direct sunlight. I’d rather be nestled in a corner booth with low lighting than partying on a patio. And this extreme heat we’re experiencing lately? It’s madness. I can’t even walk to my car without my hair frizzing up like ladies from the ’80s. Unless you’re submerged […]