Bar Belle: Jetsetting to Buffalo Trace by way of United Airlines

OK, so I did not jump on a plane to get to the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, but I’d never say no to a free trip there. So when the folks at United Airlines asked if Insider would like to attend a meet-and-greet/tour type of experience at the distillery on Thursday — celebrating the […]

Bar Belle: A night on the edge (of the Highlands)

Louisvillians are as passionate about their neighborhood boundaries as they are about their high schools, basketball teams and weather reports. If you say NuLu but actually mean Phoenix Hill, you’ll hear about it. If you say the Germantown Lofts are “in Germantown,” prepare to hand over your firstborn. (They’re actually in Schnitzelburg.) So when I […]

Bar Belle: Is Lyndon the new Highlands?

In honor of Joe’s Older Than Dirt reopening in Lyndon recently, I decided to venture out to the East End neighborhood to find out just what all the hubbub was about. Turns out there’s a very thriving nightlife happening right under our noses — it was so lively, in fact, it reminded me of the […]

Bar Belle: Exploring New Albany’s smoky dives and trendy hives

If you’re going to spend an evening in New Albany bars, you may want to dress accordingly. I don’t mean swapping Cardinal red for crimson letters in the shape of an I and a U, or dressing up, or even dressing down. I talking about wearing garments you don’t mind stripping off and leaving outside […]

Bar Belle: Is it possible to diet and drink? Of course it is

Sometimes I feel sorry for the month of January. It really gets no respect and usually is most people’s least-favorite month — except for those crazy Capricorns and affable Aquarians. And while January signals new beginnings and change and finding your inner chi, it’s also cold as hell, dark as hell and there’s nothing to […]